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I’m Every Woman Expo 2014 Fashion Showcase…….Let the planning begin!!!

I'm Every Woman Expo 2014 Fashion Showcase.......Let the planning begin!!!

International Academy of Design and Technology students will coordinate, style and manage the fashion showcase for the Detroit show. Students will collaborate on a strategic plan, launch a model call, provide event marketing, and create a fashion intern blog. Motown is known and highly recognized for music and the automotive industry. The I’m Every Woman Expo will take the identity a step further with highlights of the latest in fashion.


A New Beginning Changes Everything…

New Logo

New Logo

Eloquets Event Enterprise, formally known as Eloquets Enterprise sought to improve the company’s brand and image.  After several interviews and compiling tasks, a strong team of interns from Wayne State University, were brought in to help reshape the company.  It is the vision of Eloquets Event Enterprise to become a leader in the event industry internationally and the vision is becoming a reality.  By redefining the business plan, marketing strategies, redesigning the website and implementing event newsletters, the campaign launched, increasing traffic and grabbing the attention of many.  Social media applications are helping us to connect with our audience.  It is our belief that the first impression is or should be a lasting impression and the website reviews from our launch speaks to the hard work and dedication of our interns.